The inspirational show "I Am Bat-El" tells the story of the creator, actress and lecturer Bat-El Borenstein (Papura). Through funny and heartbreaking anecdotes, alongside with songs and dances, she shares with us her unique journey towards self-fulfillment, spirituality and true love.

Just 48 inches tall, Bat-El overcomes stigmas and prejudices and fulfills all her dreams –professionally and personally, lightening up the viewers' heart with the awareness that everybody deserves to experience joy and true acceptance from the people around them.

Vidoes Press


A lecture that captured the hearts of millions worldwide

"I AM BAT-EL" is a one-of-a-kind talk, which will lift you high,
fill your heart with joy and passion for life, and remind you that no matter how low our starting point may be,
it is completely up to us to decide how our lives would be.

After over 2 million online views for her TEDx talk "BIGGER IS BETTER", Bat-El is a highly demanded performer and lecturer in academic institutions, corporates, companies, social institutions and practically every place with a stage big enough for her.  

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